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As a constituent living in your riding, I am writing to express my support for the Ontario nuclear industry.

The health of our provincial economy is essential to maintaining the high quality of life that Ontarians enjoy and that is why I support nuclear power.

The nuclear industry in Ontario contributes over $5 billion annually to the Canadian economy and supports 50,000 jobs across Ontario. These are high-quality jobs in the trades and professional services: the kind that you can raise a family on. Extending the life of Ontario’s nuclear fleet is a multi-billion dollar investment, but 90 percent of the money spent on those projects will be spent right here in Ontario.

Over the last few decades, the economy has shifted and Ontario has seen its traditional industries shrink. Nuclear is one area where we are still robust; and, going forward, the world is going to need nuclear technology.

As a citizen of Ontario I ask that you examine the facts and make the sound and prudent decision to support Ontario nuclear.




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Here’s what people are saying about Ontario’s Nuclear Advantage

  • “Investing in nuclear refurbishment at the Darlington and Bruce Power facilities will provide a welcome boost to Ontario’s economy and support affordable and reliable baseload energy.”

    —Ontario Chamber of Commerce

  • “Nuclear power, which generates zero greenhouse gas emissions and plays a key role in making Ontario one of the lowest GHG-emitting electricity jurisdictions in the world, should continue to be explored as a cost-effective energy option.”

    —Ontario Chamber of Commerce

  • “Through the life-extension investments at Darlington and Bruce Power, as well as operating the Pickering station until 2024, the region will continue to benefit from low-cost, clean and reliable power, while supporting economic growth and job creation over the coming decades.”

    —Council of the Great Lakes Region

  • “Between 2017 and 2064, clean nuclear, when compared to alternatives, will avoid between $12 billion and $63 billion in carbon costs that ratepayers would have to fund if this output was replaced by fossil fuels.”

    —Council of the Great Lakes Region

  • “The Bruce Power and OPG life-extension programs are important to ensure a cost-competitive supply of electricity and represent billions of dollars of supply chain opportunities for Ontario manufacturers.”

    —Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters

The nuclear industry in Ontario contributes over $5 billion annually to the national economy and supports 50,000 Ontario jobs

Ontarians at Work

Ontario’s nuclear facilities create jobs and economic growth in communities across the province. Meet some of the people working in our industry

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