Tiverton, Ontario
Human Performance Manager, Bruce Power

Coming from a small town in Bruce County, Matt was able to experience the benefit firsthand of growing up in a community home to a major piece of Ontario’s clean energy infrastructure the Bruce Nuclear Generating Station. Now as an employee of Bruce Power, Matt prides himself on being part of an organization whose culture is one of being a positive, socially conscious influence in the community, and which provides him with a challenging career balanced with time and space for family life.
“Being from the area I have great memories of Bruce Power hosting special events and activities, supporting local organizations, providing grant and scholarship opportunities, and a number of other initiatives in the community that when you’re young you might not give too much thought to, but really help make this a pretty special place to grow up,” Matt said.

“The industry has provided me with a fulfilling career surrounded by skilled, knowledgeable and encouraging co-workers and supervisors – there are no better people on the planet. I am able to provide a quality of life for my family that I am proud of and also work for an organization that has a positive impact on fulfilling Ontario’s energy and environmental needs.”