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Statement on Pathways to Decarbonization report

Today, the release of the Pathways to Decarbonization report from the IESO demonstrates that Ontario’s energy grid can be emission-free. Ontario can fulfill the rising demand by focusing on a decarbonized supply mix, including the expansion of our clean and proven nuclear energy fleet as well as contributions from renewables, storage and other emerging technologies such as hydrogen in addition to efforts around conservation and demand response. The IESO highlighted near term planning that would be required as well as the need to streamline permitting and approvals processes. When taken together, these efforts would support a reliable, sustainable, and affordable electricity system for future generations.

Ontario’s Nuclear Advantage (ONA) supports the work being done by the Ontario government in its efforts to transition to a non-emitting energy grid and is eager to work with the Ontario Government to support the recently announced commitment to procure 17,800 MW of new nuclear energy to help the IESO achieve its decarbonized 2050 target.


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